What's the need?

What's our solution?

SwapTheRoad is the name of the first community web platform dedicated exclusively to the exchange of recreational vehicles (motorhome, camper van, trail…).

An ambition : allow travel further,
more often and at lower cost!

Who are we?

We are parents of three children, and we like to be adventurous with our motorhome. But travel away from home in a « house on wheels » takes time and requires money… We tested motorhome rental on arrival, and the cargo shipment of our vehicle, but these solutions seemed unsatisfactory to us. That’s why the idea was born that another way should be possible and the SwapTheRoad adventure began!

If we could travel differently?
If our vehicle could allow us to travel anywhere in the world?

What exactly are we talking about?

SwapTheRoad is a web platform that will officially be launched on October 1, 2020. Its mission is to democratize the exchange of « RV » (Recreational Vehicle) around the World, and its ambition is to allow Road Trip & Vanlife enthusiasts to travel further, more often and at lower cost!

SwapTheRoad’s identity is based on a family and collaborative organization, because all solutions that will be brought to the future users of the platform are co-constructed by passionate adepts. For months, those of them who have already swapped their vehicles have been bringing us their experience. For the others, they share their ideas and enthusiasm with us, to make SwapTheRoad the trusted third party of their future exchanges.

An innovative solution created BY,
WITH and FOR the RV community!

The SwapTheRoad adventure is above all a story of sharing… Sharing of experience, advice and benevolence. Human beings who initially share a common passion, travellers who go further thanks to other travellers, and unusual places that nurture authentic experiences!

Together let's swap more than a vehicle,
let's swap roads of World!

Status of project :